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The Catherine Spaak of Wines

Passion Punch. Sweet Nectar. That Panty Dropper Wine. Whatever you call it, it’s back by demand and demand is high.  While I have always referred to this one as the wine that makes the ladies melt, the mother-in-laws swoon, the girlfriends’ brunch pop the F off, it’s actually all of my favorite fellas who have been beating down my door to get more. I guess it disintegrates boxer-briefs swifter than Taylor, too. The point is, I went and got more. For all of you. And, if you haven’t yet bathed in this pink-colored bubble bath suitable for unicorns and sex panthers, well it’s time to undress and get in.

Relax, I’m still talking about wine - the mini skirt of wines - in that it’s flirty and forward and not leaving things to chance.  It’ll have you on your knees begging for it, shamelessly, because it’s fun and never stops smiling.

It’s got so many feminine things pouring out of the glass – strawberries, roses, delicate bubbles that do ballerina pirouettes on your tongue – that it’s hard not to imagine this wine making the rounds in sorority circles and at bachelorette brunch tables.

BUT: do NOT be fooled.

The same way my brother recently called to tell me how fly Taylor Swift is (welcome to the party, turtle), the same way men can get manicures and proper beard trims and spend more than $5 on a haircut, the same way that dudes have feelings too – this wine is for all the people and the people have spoken. I hesitantly invoke the cliché real men drink rosé, but certainly there has never been better proof.  Don Draper would spit whiskey out of his nose if he caught a whiff of these lacy bubbles in all of their berry-flower-wafting splendor. And you’d better believe he’d raise a glass of this to his lips. Why? Because it is the liquid equivalent of a perfectly curvy woman wearing a perfectly sheer dress, basking in summer’s end-of-day hue and casting all the right shadows if you know what I’m saying. A woman who is very aware of her appeal, and quite fucking thirsty so pour her a glass already, will you?

Sorry, did you still want some actually useful info about the wine? It’s special. Made totally naturally, so the hint of sweetness we’re talking about is like that just-ripe raspberry, not a piece of airport candy. It’s got roses and bubbles a plenty, and is made from Gamay and Trousseau, two beautiful grapes that find some of their greatest joy when dancing together.

Bugey isn’t well-known, even in France. It’s technically not an A.O.C., which means “serious” wine drinkers historically have often overlooked the wines. Too bad for them, because at the foot of the Jura mountains, France can see Switzerland’s big Alps showing and sends over a winking Bonjour! Right there, Poulsard and Gamay are hand-plucked and married, culminating in this stunning, chuggable (but better to savor every sip), secret delight of a wine.

The other really great thing about this gem is you can drink it all day – it’s got a low alcohol content and matches almost anything you’re eating – spicy foods work incredibly well, breakfast foods, bbq foods, cheese and crackers, on its own – it’s a pleaser of all crowds. All you need is some upbeat music and a few friends before you know it you’re transported to 1962 and Eighteen in the Sun twisting away at the beach with your very own Catherine Spaak. Or as Catherine Spaak yourself. The ultimate flirt. This is the Catherine Spaak of wines.


THE WINE: Renardat-Fache Cerdon du Bugey, France 2014

THE GRAPE: Poulsard + Gamay

HOMETOWN: At the base of the Jura Mountains, where France can see Switzerland’s Alps showing, so it sends a wink and an air-kiss to kick things off.

TASTES LIKE: It’s forward and flirty and gently sweet, with personality and fruit so fresh you’ll need to have a slap at the ready.

GOES DOWN EASY WITH: Nothing short of everything; I know I say that with relative frequency, but honestly - Thai food, KBBQ, breakfast, lunch, the Cha Cha in your underwear. 

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