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Hi I'm great. 

Valentine's Day is near...STAY INSIDE!

The L word gets tossed around quite casually these days. It’s a hashtag with 28 million posts, and those can’t all be true love. V day is coming, which will inflate the numbers and bring with it a barrage of all things pink-flavored, heart-shaped and overpriced. It’s not that we don’t like love. We love it. All of us (unless you’re currently nursing a break up, in which case, keep reading).

But it’s the pressure swathed in bubble gum hues and social media filters that can really turn our stomaches. Who wants t to feel like their love isn’t as “real" as that frenemie on Insta whose bf is always posting about how lucky he is (heart eyes emoji), with hashtags like #peanut and other food-related pet names. WTF has the in-person romance gone?? (In related news, see Manrepeller’s guide to Instagram accounts to unfollow in 2016 for the healthiest cleanse we’ve seen thus far.)

This Feb 14 is on a Sunday. My absolute favorite day of the week. I wake up slower, I do regular things but on less of a schedule, and I absolutely always avoid brunch and technology. Then, I open a bottle of something good later on (maybe before it’s entirely dark), and just cuddle up and relax. Alone, with a good girlfriend, my guy, or Hudson (my other guy). In all forms, I love Sunday. 

I say, this Valentine’s Day, maybe instead of making a dinner reservation - honestly, in all my years working restaurants, Valentine’s Day is thecreepiest - an entire dining room full of two tops and red roses awkwardly looking for real estate on the table. So weird. Instead, make a date to unplug from all of your feeds. Then find some damn good friends slash your person slash your dog, and BBQ. Order pizza. Thai food. Roast a chicken. Make pasta (recipe coming). Whatever. Keep the food simple and the company excellent.  Then, Just. Add. Wine. You probably don’t even miss the chocolates (sure every now and then you strike gold with a caramel, but mostly it’s tastebud deflation with some stale flavor like cherry cognac, amiright?). 

You’ll be surprised how sentimental you get when you start looking at people’s eyes during conversations and stop wanderlusting about some Tahitian selfie from a stranger that’s probably staged anyway. My heart is a flutter at the very thought. Stock up here so you don’t even have to go to the store for the wine. The February Love Pour is full of all the V-day wine hacks you could ask for - playlist, food pairings, and duh, damn delicious wine - some of it pink, be warned. #loveyoumeanit 

Sitting on the (Langue)doc of the Bay 🏄

California Lovin'

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