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On the Oregon Trail...

From a single small vineyard in the Amity Hills comes a Chardonnay so lovingly made and pure tasting, I about fell off my chair in delight. It’s bright and zingy, and electric in the best way. So much energy and zing! So much balance and depth! It might sound like I was surprised, and you know, I kinda was. 

Side Note: I was once a bit of a hater of domestic wine. It was a while ago, and I know it’s terribly politically-incorrect to say this about myself, but it’s true. FF a few years and, like most of what I thought in Decade #2 of life, I realized was wrong – about domestic wine and so many other things. So. Many. Remind me to tell you about the time I called 911 on myself. Mistakes aside, we now return to your regularly-scheduled wine programming.

But back to The Oregon Trail. I always felt bad about trying to shoot the little green bear, but I did love naming my family, so that at the end when the little brother dies of dysentery, it says, “Here lies Soggy Bottom Butt. He died of dysentery.” You never did that?
Well anyway, we’re not talking about reasons why Xbox was invented, we’re talking about wine. And if Napa is land of Cabernet Sauvignon, then Oregon is making strides when it comes to Burgundian varietals, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (two of my favs).

And while Willamette Valley is a short drive up from famous Cali wine country, it’s a universe away from the spa treatments and the expensive, big-bodied wines that flow in private tasting rooms and for which Napa has kinda become known for.

This wine is all bright and cheerful and ripe with orchard fruits - so of the season! Apples and pears all jolly as can be, dancing their fall number in the glass, followed by a salty little kiss, a friendly and unexpected gesture.  This wine is constantly adding something to whatever is on the table, but then has such a tasteful, elegant restraint. Like the best dinner guests.

Bottom line: This Chardonnay is a beauty. It gets a hint of richness from natural fermented in old barrels, without any heaviness. It’s literally the best of both worlds – texture and nuance, without too much oaky weight holding you down. Speaking of barrels, this wine was made lovingly but Vincent only made a tiny amount - two barrels, to be exact. Luckily for you, I snagged some treats and stashed them away for this very moment because I love sharing the good stuff – now you can, too.

When Barbera Met Nebbiolo...

Feelin' Proud.

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