I'm Ashley. I'm kind of a Wine Pro.

But that's not all! Yeah, I want you to drink good wine. It's awkward to talk about myself, but since you're wondering, I'll tell you: Yes, I'm a wine expert. But no, I don't have a pin. Instead of studying for tests, I've spent the past 10+ years working in wine and service. Street cred: I've launched and managed hospitality and wine programs for some of the best LA restaurants, like: Animal, Trois Mec, Osteria Mozza, Scopa Italian Roots and more. Besides this here blog, I've got a fresh wine subscription venture, Pour This. My aim's pretty simple: get the best damn wines from small producers around the world straight to your door. 

I like to write: my master's degree in Journalism is from USC, which I use as a coaster for whatever bottle I'm drinking. Occasionally I deviate from the topic of wine - cars, bikes, love, driving, traveling, day dreaming, things that piss me off, stuff that's totally made up - you'll find that here, too (still fueled by good wine).

Other people with above-average reputations say I'm a topnotch wine pro, too: Bon Appetit alleges I'm one of six Somms to keep your eye on in the U.S. and Zagat put me on their 30 under 30 list for wine & restaurant professionals - here, hold my trophies! Bon Appetit says!

Fancy awards and creds aside, it's hospitality that I'm most passionate about. That's an industry word for taking good care of people, over-delivering, minding the small things, holding the door, sharing the good stuff, giving up the last bite, and saying thank you. That's what matters most, I've found.

I wont’t do life without cheese, coffee, music, or my loyal dog, Hudson. On occasion, I'll drink tequila, but only the very good kind. And wheels. I freakin' love cars and bikes.


So What's Pour This?

Pour This is a service that provides more than just good wines to all kinds of good people - people who know about wine, people who don’t, those want to learn, and those who just wanna drink it and share it without having to think. There is an experience at every turn, read, and sip, which is at the heart of why I launched it in the first place. It’s not a product or an offering and it comes from the gut - my gut - and my belief  - my need! - to get all of the magic I’ve trailed and traveled to find into your hands and homes. That need to hunt, gather and share those wines goes beyond just bottles sent. Together we can gather, and invite others to gather with us, and taste, learn, eat, drink, tell the stories, laugh our asses off, and stay warm.

Pour This is about hospitality. It's old school, warm, lasting, loving, conscious of the earth, and considerate of people; it's fixing a car yourself, getting mud on your tires, learning about how engines work, riding a motorcycle, leaning into turns, believing in the open roads, finding the back roads, trusting the dirt roads; it’s drawings of mountains and maps that unfold; it’s tangible and smells like sage and juniper and piñon; it’s accepting good people into your life, keeping them close, and filling their glasses; it's trusting the soup, failing as a professional rather than basking in amateur glory; it's finding the funny parts and speaking them out loud, owning the mistakes and speaking those out loud, too; it's subtle humor and also a good dick joke; it's continuing to learn, asking for advice, and doing the work.

I love that you're here, let's keep each other cozy.